A sermon is an oral presentation by a live speaker to a live congregation. It always involves a bit of interaction, even if it’s just eye contact and facial expressions. Reading the text of a sermon, then, is like reading the script of a play to yourself. The live, communal experience is gone.

Nevertheless, please enjoy reading these text versions of sermons and other presentations made at the UU Fellowship of Topeka during our worship services. You may find that there are additional notes and/or commentaries to the original text.

Rev. Lisa’s Farewell Sermon

All good things must come to an end. Rev. Lisa bids a loving farewell to a thriving congregation before she leaves for the next stage of her career (and life!).

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Transformation and Continuity

April 1, 2012 — Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz

Clowns and Holy Fools abound in mythology as characters that catalyze change with humor and, sometimes, humility. On this April Fool’s Day Rev. Lisa Schwartz talked about transformation and continuity in the beloved community that is UUFT.

Listen to the sermon: Transformation and Continuity

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Where Immigration and Hunger Collide: Slavery

January 29, 2012 — Shawna Foster

Unitarian Universalist seminarian Shawna Foster explores the implications of having people who have no citizenship work in the United States and examines a variety of answers that have been presented.

Watch the sermon on video:  Where Immigration and Hunger Collide: Slavery

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If Not God, Then What?

January 22, 2012 — Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz

It’s one thing to criticize traditional religion. Truly, atheists have been doing so for centuries. And the arguments are reasoned and cogent…but somehow God just won’t go away. Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz will examine some of the latest ideas on a vital Unitarian Universalist humanism that affirms a morally responsible life of meaning and purpose rather than simply negating the religious beliefs of others.

Listen to the sermon: If Not God, Then What?

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Out of the Flames

Is a book a combination of paper, ink, glue and cardboard, or the embodiment of ideas? Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz tells the story of Michael Servetus, a scientist and freethinking theologian of the 16th century who was executed for publishing a heretical book on the errors of the trinity. The fire that killed Servetus was stoked with the last known copy of his book, so as to eradicate the ideas along with the man. But unbeknownst to the powerful forces that tried to systematically erase all traces of early Unitarianism, three copies of the book survived. This is the story of their clandestine journey through the centuries, and of the enduring power of ideas.

Listen to the sermon: Out of the Flames

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