Dancing in Faith

Scanland Hall

Rev. Janne Eller-Issacs

Sunday, March 10th


We all experience transitions in our lives from one state of being to another. Life in a congregation is no different. Guest minister Janne Eller-Isaacs will join us in worship to explore the challenges and opportunities that change and transitions provide us.

Janne Eller-Isaacs serves as the ministerial settlement representative for the Prairie Star District. Janne is a born and bred Unitarian Universalist who grew up at All Souls Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma until the family moved to California. She served a congregation in Oakland, California with her husband, Rob for 18 years. They moved to serve Unity Church Unitarian in St. Paul in 2000. They have three adult children and are impatiently waiting for grandchildren to appear.

Contact: Rev. Jim Parrish

Phone: (785) 272-9233