Technology Work Group

Fahs Chapel

Sunday, March 17th


You are invited to participate in a UUFT Technology Work Group to help resolve issues regarding electronic information and provide for solutions for keeping the information well organized.

Some questions we'll want to address...

What types of electronic information is UUFT concerned with? Info. that needs to be updated, is read-only, or a mixture of both? How should the info. be stored? Where should the info. be stored? Who will use the info., and what are their technological preferences (how savvy are the users of the info.?) What are the security requirements? Who will administer the info.? Do the UUFT Board's info. needs differ from the RE's needs (just as an example.

I'm sure there are additional questions and issues that will come up, and we look to you and your expertise to help resolve.

Thanks, Rob Koch

Contact: Rob Koch

Phone: 785-249-7820